The Miracolo Chandelier Combines Classic and Contemporary Elements

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: & trendir
The Miracolo Chandelier might not be to the taste of some, but many would agree that the mixing of different design styles can produce some positively imaginative pieces. It has to be done with care, however, and a keen eye for harmonizing shapes, textures and colors.

Le Porcellane manufactures this magnificently modern light fixture that features eight sources of illumination. Each is a brilliant LED lightbulb covered with a pleated brown fabric lampshade, approximately to the scale of a table lamp's. The magnification -- or multiplication, depending on the perspective -- of these shades makes the contemporary pendant light whimsical and iconic. Furthermore, a collaboration with Studio Carlo Bimbi Design produced added detailing to the Miracle (Miracolo) Chandelier in the form of a 12-point star on the stem of each fixture.