This Custom Chandelier's Odd Mechanics Create a Unique Effect

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: yakuzalou & mocoloco
Having a custom chandelier in one's home is essentially an invitation to other people to tell you how cool you are. Glass chandeliers are classic, old-time pieces that serve their purpose but this chandelier is a little bit more off-beat.

Eddy Sykes' Lovecraft light is initially a strange-looking custom chandelier and then you start to see what makes it cool. The actual design is something you won't see on your typical chandelier as it looks like a sort of floating stain dripping from above. Attached to each of those drips is a light that connects to another drip, seemingly at random.

Each one of the lights gives off pure white light in three different levels. These levels are determined by air pressure applied when the user squeezes on a dangling air pump. The Chandeliers are also put together by hand so you can rest assured care was taken. All-in-all, it's a strange piece of tech, but strange is good in this case.