TechnoLUgy by LU Murano is Darkly Tentacled

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: & trendir
TechnoLUgy by LU Murano, a studio based in Murano, Italy, is a stunning tentacled light fixture that will impress people with its construction as much as its overall appearance. The snaking arms that end in pricks of light are made out of carbon fiber, which offers a new and impressive alternative to more traditional glass chandeliers.

Without sacrificing intricacy and regality, the sinuous and dark TechnoLUgy by LU Murano brings to the table (or perhaps more accurately, ceiling) a lightness that doesn't compare. According to Trendir, "The original glass versions are 10x the weight of the TechnoLUgy versions and of course, the carbon fiber fixture is also far less fragile." Not to mention that it is far more intriguingly futuristic.