- Jul 31, 2014
Whether in need of decorative or task lighting, these table lamp designs range from eco-friendly illuminators to dual purpose light fixtures that are sure to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. The pieces marry aesthetics with function and provide users with light and a touch of style.

These design-conscious lighting fixtures range from pop culture themed decor items to more practical office accessories that illuminate one's work space. Standouts from the list include the wood block bulb lamp from home retailer West Elm and the K-Ray lamp by designer Eugeni Quitllet.

While West Elm's dual purpose table lamp houses one's belongings in it's built-in storage section, Eugeni Quitllet's K-Ray illuminator features a sculptural design that merges together, base, lamp and shade.

From Cardboard Carton Fixtures to Retro-Dual Purpose Lighting: