The Cradle Lamp Provides Flexible Light as a Suspended Torch

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: romainpascal & blog.leibal
Made of metal and concrete, the Cradle Lamp might give off the impression that its positioning is fixed. Quite the contrary, this tabletop illuminator can be adapted for use as a convenient flashlight as well.

The table lamp has been designed with a sturdy poured bowl-like base and a laser-cut aluminum spine as its arm. A rope-covered cord leads down towards the subtly flaring fixture, sitting within the support of the notched brace. This piece is not firmly fastened to its structure, allowing the user to easily release it from its cradle. The cable remains connected to the wall socket, but Romain Pascal's Cradle Lamp can be employed within the room as a handheld spotlight or a torch.