The Light Screen Lamp Seems the Warp the Path of Beams in an Abstract Arch

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: yankodesign
The design of the Light Screen Lamp is quite different to that of your typical desk lamp. It does not have the familiar adjustable head to provide intense directional illumination; it emits bright rays in an innovative way.

Ujwal I.K.'s concept product comprises a broad base with LEDs embedded on either end. The most notable component of the futuristic table lamp is the arching piece of transparent acrylic that rises up and bends back down for a stable footing on either side. Fine fiber optic cables are fed through the plastic, guiding the luminescence up, around and throughout. The Light Screen Lamp disperses a powerful but diffuse glow about the room, as well as a more concentrated trajectory from its top, irradiating one area especially well.