- Jan 7, 2014
With the number of satellite workers rising steadily, these ideas for how to create an at-home office are sure to help a number of people in designing a space that's ready for efficiency. Working from home can be a difficult task with the distractions being high and the ability to slack ever-so easy. However, creating a designated area in your home or choosing design alternatives that are conducive to getting work done in a timely fashion can help to ensure effective results.

Those in cramped quarters may think they don't have any option other than to work from bed or the couch, but with a variety of furniture designs that transform to suit a new purpose within moments, it's clear the only obstacle to overcome is the mental one. Try a new lighting scheme or new accessories that strike a clear division between areas for work and rest.

From Home Office Hybrids to Retro-Modern Office Hubs: