The LandingZone PRO Turns a Portable Computer into a Desktop

 - Jun 20, 2013
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
Laptops are the clear choice for anyone who's on-the-go, but being able to quickly turn it into a desktop would be a great option, which is where the LandingZone PRO can come in handy for easily docking a laptop and readying it for at-home use.

Working with a MacBook's existing ports, the LandingZone PRO allows for all necessary cables to be easily inserted without the need to separately plug them in every time you sit to work at a desk. Once the MacBook is snapped into place, the LandingZone PRO goes to work connecting the power cord, USB cables, display cables and anything else that's necessary for home office use.

The LandingZone PRO offers the perks of owning the laptop with the more professional option of working from a desktop, which many will find to be a refreshing ability.