The DCI Universal USB Charger Guarantees Compatibility with Every Gadget

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: flight001 & apartmenttherapy
That unsightly knot of cables behind your desk can be avoided with the use of the DCI Universal USB Charger. This one electronic accessory can help to refuel almost every device that you've got. It features 10 different connectors that feed into a colorful body that can plug into your computer's USB drive.

The wires that allow you to hook up your iPhone, your Android or your Windows tablet to your laptop are kept fairly short to minimize tangling. They're long enough to let your gadget rest on the tabletop if it's plugged into the back of your computer terminal. With the DCI Universal USB Charger, you can accommodate your own eclectic collection of electronics and easily lend cord to your friends with mobile phones in need of refueling.