- Jul 11, 2014
These innovative charger designs vary from sun-fueled power pods to sneaker-infused battery boosters. Charging one's smartphone, tablet or laptop can be a pain on long airplane rides, beach day excursions and camping trips but these options are a great way to conserve energy while powering up your device.

In addition to sustainability, these innovative charger designs are conceived with user practicality in mind. Whether searching for a multi-device tech accessory or for a device that can fit a range of manufacturers and models, this list has something for everyone.

Standouts from the list include the Port Solar Charger, a power source that can be used on plane or car rides. The accessory charges any smartphone device using the sun's rays, an eco-conscious alternative to other energy sources.

From Sun-Fueled Power Pods to Sneaker-Infused Battery Boosters: