The Mushroom GreenZERO Ensures that No Electricity is Wasted

 - Jan 24, 2013
References: xahodesign &
Many people don't realize that electricity continues to run through your adapters and power cords, even when appliances are not in use. The same goes for chargers left in sockets with no gadgets connected to the ends. The Mushroom GreenZERO makes a small but noble difference to your home and office energy consumption through its integration of an automatic "off" switch.

The charming fungus shape of the eco-friendly OSUNGO apparatus is capped by a bright lily pad. Near the meeting point of these two components is where the circuit is cut once your mobile phone is completely replenished with power. Since you can leave the Mushroom GreenZERO charger in the wall, the narrowing between the pair of pieces is also an ideal place to coil the cable of Xavier Houy's contraption for conveniently tidy storage.