The Modulo Phone Charger is Pocket-Sized and Super Powerful

 - May 7, 2014
References: idaptweb & mashable
If you've ever been on the go and forgotten to charge your smartphone, these Modulo pocket-sized phone chargers by Idapt are designed conveniently small for stacking and give your smartphone a quick boost of power.

These Modulo phone chargers are designed to be exterior battery packs that smartphone users can charge up at home through any electrical outlet. If you're out on the go and notice your smartphone battery is depleting, you can hook it up to the Modulo battery pack using the charger's USB extension and watch as your phone recharges with speed. If you need more power, you can stack the Modulo battery packs for an every more super-charged power boost. Idapt claims that one charge on a Modulo is good to last six whole months.