The C-Station Enables the Public to Boost Phone Batteries Securely

 - Mar 8, 2014
References: turing.lecolededesign
The C-Station concept was dreamed up as a cutting-edge and convenient device for Mumbai International Airport. Environments such as transportation terminals are full of people simply waiting around, so this context would afford a great opportunity for one to juice up his mobile phone.

Designed by Germain Verbrackel, this is a hi-tech vault and charger with a small footprint and the capacity to hold perhaps 10 or more smartphones and a couple of tablets; this, however, would depend on the manufactured size of the modular appliance. Essentially, anyone could place his handset into one of the small rental lockers, turn the latch and keep the key temporarily. When the battery is full, the C-Station key would turn green, notifying the owner to retrieve his gadget.