The PhoneSoap Charger Sanitizes and Fuels Your Phone

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: phonesoap & ohgizmo
You probably don't clean your phone as often as you charge it, and if you could see the germs living on your phone, you might be a little disgusted; luckily, the PhoneSoap charger will clean your phone as it charges it.

The PhoneSoap charger is a little box that encases your phone for sanitation, with two UV-C lamps on both sides that sterilize your phone. The wavelengths break the DNA of the cells and prevent them from returning, the PhoneSoap charger is completely safe for your devices and uses no chemicals, heat or liquids. If you want to keep your phone in the charger overnight, there are acoustic outlets so you can still hear your notifications and alarm.

The PhoneSoap charger will automatically turn off once sanitation is done, but you can still leave it charging until you're ready to go. Keep your phone free of germs, while you talk happy and healthy.