The Beta.ey Solar Cell Phone Charger Keeps Your Cell Topped Up

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: rawlemon & designboom
Solar energy is still some of the greenest and most efficient sources of energy we have and this solar cell phone charger is taking advantage of it. The Beta.ey by Rawlemon is a sleek look at efficient energy renewal for mobile phones.

Looking at the Beta.ey initially, it doesn't look like a phone charger. This is mainly because it looks like a stand-alone product and not a phone add-on, and this would be both right and wrong. This charger won't just clip onto your phone and charge it, but it does attach to the phone through a USB 2.0 connection.

The Beta.ey solar cell phone charger works by swiveling on a dual axis to follow the suns movement like an eye. It then takes in as much solar energy as it can and transfers it to the phone through the USB. You can sit the Beta.ey down on your desk by a window all day and always have energy without even having to touch it.

Photo Credits: designboom, rawlemon