- Nov 13, 2015
These presentation delivery tools help business professionals deliver information to their team easily and effectively. Although most people spend a great deal of time perfecting a presentation, few think about exactly how they are going to deliver the information. These innovative tools help professionals sort out the technical side of presenting.

Although many businesses have rooms that are equipped for giving presentations, these spaces are not always available. As a result, some companies have designed products that help users give impromptu presentations. These portable presentation delivery tools include palm-sized projecting computers, versatile smartphone projectors and compact Bluetooth projectors.

In addition to helping professionals set up their presentation, companies have also designed products that help these individuals interact with their information. For example, there are smartphone laser pointers that allow users to point out specific data. There are also smart whiteboard markers that help users transcribe brainstorming sessions.

From Smartphone Laser Pointers to Digital Interface Projectors: