This Laser Pointer iPhone Accessory is Great for Project Presentations

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: thisiswhyimbroke & ohgizmo
The iPin laser pointer is a nifty iPhone accessory for smartphone owners looking to add another function to their smartphone. Now you can turn your audio jack into a fully working laser pointer in a matter of seconds.

There isn't much an iPhone can't already do. It can stream movies, send video messages, take selfies, be used as a map, play games and even help you track your fitness. Now you can turn your iPhone into a laser pointer simply by clipping the iPin into the iPhone audio jack. This turns your audio jack into a beaming line of red light that is completely powered by your iPhone's battery. The pointer would be a great tool to have during project presentations. You even have the option to turn the laser pointer on and off when you no longer need to use it.