The UVC Dock Reboots and Debugs Your Mobile Device

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: yankodesign
Have you ever thought about how much of a microbe-carrier your mobile phone must be? The UVC Dock concept was designed to deal with the fact that your dirty subway hands and your bathroom hands are constantly clutching your handset. They're difficult devices to clean, and people seldom think to do so anyway.

Lin Shu Kai's solution was to come up with a large lamp-like charging hub that beams UV rays, sterilizing your gadget's surfaces as it sits there. A wavelength of 260nm would be emitted, capable of obliterating viruses and bacteria that might have settled on your touchscreen, backing or case. Now, while your smartphone rests between the base and the lamp of the UVC Dock, it would perform as a wireless charger with integrated bluetooth technology.