Shake Your Power Involves an Energy-Harvesting Percussion Instrument

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: & springwise
Shake Your Power is a campaign to bring electricity to parts of the world who don't have access to it. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, SPARK is an energy-saving percussion instrument that can harness electricity to charge phones and turn on lights when it's shaken.

Developed by musician Sudha Kheterpal, the SPARK device is a small, handheld gadget that produces a simple percussion sound when you shake it. Inside the geometric generator is an electromagnet that produces a current when it moves to and fro, similar to a battery. About 12 minutes of shaking results in an hour of LED light, if the device is connected to a USB, LED strip, phone charger or similar electronic.

In addition to providing music education to rural, developing communities, the Shake Your Power campaign also brings electricity to places in desperate need of it.