From Children's Yoga Classes to Tween Feminism Tours

 - Dec 16, 2015
These examples of centennial leisure range from children's yoga classes to tween feminism tours like Rookie's state-wide meet-up that brings together founder Tavi Gevinson and readers from across America.

In addition to being more socially aware than generations before them, today's kids are also more health-conscious and self-expressive -- a result of their parents' influence. While centennial leisure examples like children's yoga classes encourage kids and teens to build physical and mental strength in a non-competitive way, songstress mobile games like Katy Perry's recent release don't only offer hours of fun but also a realistic look into the competitive music industry.

When it comes to toys, examples like pocket archaeology kits and gardening sets illustrate children's appreciation for the environment and are reflective of parents' encouragement of outdoor play that doesn't require a screen. Furthermore, kiddie coding kits and coding workshops encourage the youth to engage in educational play that will have a positive effect on their future career.