The Mr. Pow Portable Charger Feels Emotions

 - Apr 17, 2014
References: spinninghat & gizmodo
Losing battery power can be a harrowing experience, a fact that the Mr. Pow Portable Charger knows all too well. Instead of the usual blinking dots and desperate vibrations that most technological devices employ to let us know they're running out of juice, Mr. Pow alerts us with a simple change of expression.

When the adorable little robot is feeling 100% charged, he has a bright smile on his face. As he begins running out of the good stuff, his grin will gradually turn into a frown. No one wants a sad robot charger, so hopefully Mr. Pow's glum expression will remind you to plug him in!

The miniature robot will be more like a friend than a device; albeit, one that helps you charge your phone.