Revolutionary Rawlemon Designs Solar Energy Chargers to Keep Us Green

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: indiegogo & inewidea
The future of solar technology isn't green, it's transparent; using the sun as the source, Rawlemon has designed a prototype solar energy charger to help us change our habits and keep our planet in better working condition for the next generations to come.

With this transparent solar energy generator made of betaray spherical glass, German Rawlemon founder Andre Broessel says with the creation of his new solar energy charger, we will no longer need to plug our smartphones and tablets to the grid: all we will be needing is solar.

Using the the most sustainable energy source, the sun, and a micro dual axis tracking system which enables the transparent sphere to adjust itself to follow the sun’s path, this smart and efficient solar generator has been under investigation for under two years.

But if this simple idea were to get the funds needed, that could mean that the current 1 billion phones on our planet consuming 10 TW per year could give the socket a break.