The Power Outage Cube Light Turns On When AC Power is Cut Off

 - Nov 3, 2013
References: hammacher & fancy
Most smartphone users fear the dark -- blackouts in particular -- which is where the power outage cube light is an everyday, as well as emergency, light fixture that doubles up as an auxiliary device charger.

Once the cube's AC source is cut off, the cube's central beacon illuminates upwards, providing a constant light source in the dark. The cube, priced at $120, also has four rechargeable, wearable flashlights that can be removed from the power source and be placed around the house as necessary. No blackout tool would be complete without having a backup power source for USB-charged devices and smartphones.

The one-amp USB port charges a mobile phone using the cube's internal battery, while a second, 2.1-amp USB port charges larger USB devices such as tablets when power is flowing again. The flashlights have a lanyard that can be worn hands-free around the neck. The Power Outage Cube Light measures five inches in height, width and depth, and weighs a total of two pounds for easy transportability.