- Jan 29, 2014
If you grew up a fan of the galaxy opera Star Wars, chances are you probably also dreamed about owning a Lightsaber.

In the Star Wars universe, Lightsabers are used by either Jedi or Sith, the two strongest forces for good or evil in the galaxy. The weapons were designed to be reminiscent of old knight's swords. Made up of pure energy that is wielded with the power of the Force, these Si-Fi creations can cut through steel like it was butter and only face real opposition against other sabers.

Fans of the movies have taken the idea of these weighty weapons and ran with it, doing everything from recreating Force-empowered fights to making saber-shaped chopsticks. Geeky pet owners have even gone so far as to give their animals little miniatures to make them look like ancient warriors.

From Lightsabre Nunchucks to Galactic Pool Toys: