The Spyder III Krypton is the World's Brightest Handheld Beam

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: wickedlasers & technabob
Despite the look of the handle, the Spyder III Krypton is not a modernized version of a lightsaber; instead, it’s a laser pointer designed to help with tasks that require an extra burst of brightness.

The Spyder III Krypton is the world’s brightest handheld laser. How bright? For one, it uses green laser technology, which to the human eye is perceived as 800% brighter than red and 19,000% brighter than purple. The device is so powerful that Wicked Lasers claims it will break through the atmosphere; therefore, the company strongly advises against pointing it in the air, as this will disrupt satellite sensors, as well as aircrafts and pilots. The Spyder III Krypton also features TeslaCool Thermostatic Regulation and nine operation modes, which includes an S.O.S. function.