- Nov 8, 2012
The force will be with you when you feel the glorious power that emits from any of these atypical Star Wars light saber products.

Parasols, key lights and desk lamps have been turned into glowing beams of laser lighted objects to honor the Star Wars franchise. When you eat your corn on the cob from the handle of a galactic sword, you will feel like you can conquer any villain from the dark side on a full stomach. If you find the eerie gloom of the night is encroaching on your safe haven, just switch on your glowing torchlight candle to ward off the Darth Vader vigilantes creeping in the gloom.

These Star Wars Light Sabers turn you into an honorary Jedi knight without you needing to engage in battles against the dark side.

From Luminescent Sci-Fi Clips to Futuristic Glowing Sabers: