Lightsabers Go High Tech

 - Feb 15, 2007   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: ubergizmo
Talk about overkill! Without any new Star Wars movies on the horizon, fans will have to amuse themselves with their memories, but maybe the new and improved lightsaber will help! This monstrosity includes an MP3 player, 8 GB of memory, LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and more.

Maybe just a glorified MP3 player to some, but to any die hard Star Wars fan out there, this is a must-have! May the force be with you.

Implications - These high-tech lightsabers have a cold metal exterior and underneath that there is a grid of intricate electronics. This is definitely one product that anyone who is a fan of the Star Wars series will want to pick up -- and hey, maybe even general technology fans.