From Torchlights to Stationery, Lightsabers Illuminate Our Everyday Lives

 - Jul 31, 2011
Whether you're in a toy store or on YouTube, it isn't long until you encounter one of these lightsaber sightings. The Jedi and Sith weapon has become a pop-culture staple and those who come in contact with a fluorescent glow instantly make zooming sounds trying to emulate the noise heard when a lightsaber cuts through air.

Some of the stellar lightsaber sightings to have recently popped up include YouTube parody videos, which put the futuristic weapons into the hands of kids and gang members. Another popular lightsaber find is the lightsaber flash light, which makes power outages a treat, as you can pretend to slice through enemies while looking for the power box. My favorite of these lightsaber sightings is without a doubt the steampunk lightsaber, which gives the light swords a classic Victorian aesthetic.

Implications - Consumers are fascinated with lightsabers as it evokes potential human progression. Corporations looking to inspire with their products may similarly use design motifs that are futuristic.