Fight Your Way Through the Darkness With the Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: firebox & geekalerts
Get the little Jedi in your home the Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain so that they can feel like they're a part of the force -- the light side, hopefully.

The Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain is a cute miniature LED flashlight that replicates the weapons that the characters from the film use. For those who are a little nit-picky, the handles don't represent the actual hilt, but at least you'll know which one reflects the characters. There are three different ones available depending on if you feel evil or not. There's one for Yoda that emits a green light, Luke for blue and of course red for Darth Vader. So choose your side of the force and never be left in the darkness again with these wicked accessories.