- Mar 27, 2014
Futuristic, compact flashlights come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure: these are extremely necessary in case of a power outage. For those living in certain parts of North America where Polar Vortexes are a common occurrence during winter, these torches certainly come in handy.

The Power Pack Lithium 4400 is an especially good device to have around if the electricity fails. This device can actually charge other gadgets while doubling as a flashlight. Boredom is a bit of a problem when the power goes out, but having a smartphone around with some extra battery life could help to pass the hours (Angry Birds anyone)? Other designs include devices specifically for scuba divers to see under the water.

These compact flashlights are useful for various circumstances.

From Device-Charging Torches to Squishy Compact Flashlights: