This Versatile Flashlight Can Light Up Any Situation with Ease

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: lightandmotion & uncrate
A versatile flashlight may be the most underrated, must-have appliance in the home. When there’s a power outage or any other sort of emergency, a flashlight is simultaneously one of the most necessary and forgotten piece of hardware one can own. Even when not looking at a high-level disaster a good, versatile flashlight is always a good thing.

The GoBe flashlight doesn’t just do one thing well it does them all well. The flashlight a variety of light fixtures such as two spotlights, a searchlight, a red light and an underwater light. There will never be a situation you can’t light up with the GoBe light. The light also charges through a USB port for those who are worried about having to constantly by batteries for it. Even if that were an issue though, the battery holds 54 hours of charge.