The Areware Wood Flashlight is Both Lovely and Luminous

 - Oct 27, 2012
References: westelm & gizmodo
Crafted out of wood from sustainably harvested new growth beech trees, the Areaware Wood Flashlight is a chic and environmentally friendly way to light up your world.

Forget about sticking it in a drawer or toolbox, this flashlight is too beautiful to hide away. It was the designer's ambition to rid the device of the industrial concept associated with typical flashlights to give it a much warmer feel.

Aside from its appearance, the Areaware Wood Flashlight operates pretty much like any other flashlight. The light source is a powerful LED light, and the endcap, which houses the on/off switch, unscrews for easy battery replacement. If you should happen to find yourself in a situation where you're out in the wilderness and the batteries die, you could probably just set it on fire and use it like a real torch.