- Jan 26, 2014
These smartphone add-ons help to bring some outrageous capabilities to your phone. Cellphones are hardly just phones anymore — they’re also made to be cameras, calculators, maps, music players and this doesn’t even include the huge number of possibilities apps can bring on top of this. However, without the right hardware, it’s impossible to expand upon what apps and smartphones are capable of on their own.

These attachments range from seemingly futuristic technologies that bring the ability to emit scent to ones that are designed to help you take better selfies.

Some of the add-ons that pertain to sound include attachments that will turn a single headphone jack into a split one, or ones that will amplify sounds like the ‘Annoyinator,’ which may be more fun for the person who is doing the annoying than the person who is being bothered by its sounds.

From Panoramic Phone Mounts to Smartphone Smell Senders: