The ‘Magnetically Attaching Periscope’ Phone Lens is

 - May 23, 2013
References: allputer
Most children go through a FBI secret agent stage, convinced they are the most stealth and secretive spy in the league. Luckily for the child in us, phone accessory company ‘Allputer’ recently came out with the perfect spy phone gadget made to relive any detective fantasy: a periscope phone lens.

This nifty little magnetic phone accessory is a tube-shaped gadget that uses mirrors and two lenses to focuses the camera’s view upwards so you can secretly observe and take photos unnoticed. Much like a submarine’s periscope, the ‘Magnetically Attaching Periscope’ is a great military-inspired spy tool that clips onto most smartphone cameras magnetically without needing a software installation to work. You can hold your phone directly on your lap and still take pictures. How sly is that?

The compact, sleek, black spy phone lens is perfect for any pseudo-detective agent and only costs around $20.