The HiLo Lens is Like a Swivel-Rotating Screen

 - Nov 1, 2012
References: hilolens & kickstarter
Many people are excited by how useful the HiLO Lens could be for taking photos and video with the iPad. Taking selfies with an iPad is usually difficult and awkward as the photos end up being taken at most an arm's length away from one's face. With HiLO Lens, the iPad can be held comfortably at waist level while taking video or photos toward the horizon.

The ability to take very low-level shots comfortably will be greatly appreciated by parents and pet owners. Placing the iPad or iPhone at the edge of a flat surface with the HiLO Lens attached provides a tripod-like function.

Available on Kickstarter until November 21, the HiLo will change the face of phonetography forever.

Support for Android.