- May 26, 2015
These portable travel products range from jet-setting pouches to wrist-worn phone chargers that are perfect for on-the-go use. When travelling for long periods of time, convenience and comfort are key, making these examples practical for both in-flight excursions and lengthy road trips.

Standouts include portable mobile chargers and batteries that keep one's device powered up for an extended period of time while travelling. Other favorites range from compact passport and document portfolios to collapsible backpacks, seats and cribs that are designed for parents with a small child.

Furthermore, this list's other buzz-worthy travel products include compact cable carriers, cushioned tablet totes and travel-compatible printers. These particular examples make working on the go easy for those who wish to stay connected while in flight or on the road.

From Compact Jet-Setting Pouches to Wrist-Worn Phone Chargers: