AirBorn by Malin Grummas are Made for Infants on Commercial Planes

 - May 5, 2014
References: grummas & yankodesign
There are not many options when it comes to travelling comfortably on airplanes with infants; AirBorn by Malin Grummas, a master’s student at the Umea Institute of Design, hopes to change that. It is a versatile child seat that can be placed in a number of positions for the comfort of both baby and parent.

AirBorn by Malin Grummas can be used on the bulkhead wall, in the lap of the adult passenger or it can be placed on the armrest. Of course, if an empty seat is available, it can be strapped in that as well. According to Yanko Design, "In the first scenario, you can lower the seat in the unlikely case of an emergency to clear the adult’s crash zone and protect the infant from the adult and flying objects."