Get Comfortable at Work, Home and in the Car with a Slim Spinal Brace

 - Jan 28, 2015
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
Portable back supports are great in theory, but how likely are you to actually carry one around? It isn't unusual to spend a couple of hours a day commuting in a car, eight hours sitting in an office chair, and spare time spent relaxing on the couch. With significant periods keeping potentially poor postures, a true traveling lumbar support is hard to come by, and crucial.

Out of the UK, Handsome Ltd. is launching their Backboard. It's a slim, freestanding brace that can be simply placed on any seat and rested against the backrest. The structure of it is flexible enough to be bent to the shape of your own body, yet tough enough to hold that form beneath leaning pressure. The best part is that this portable back support can be slipped easily into a backpack and taken from chair to chair.