- May 22, 2015
These versatile travel pillows range from transformative scarf cushions to neck support accessories that are light-weight and perfect for on-the-go use. As ergonomically correct products become a necessity rather than a luxury, travel pillow manufacturers are recognizing the importance of sophisticated and comfort-focused designs.

Going one step further than the traditional travel pillow, these cushions include high tech solutions and versatile products that can double as a winter accessory. Fusing practicality with sleek aesthetics, these travel pillow products change the way we travel.

Enhancing comfort and convenience, these examples ensure one has neck support and a balanced posture even when travelling for long periods of time. The products are also suitable for use during daily commutes or nap breaks in the workplace or at school.

From Transformative Scarf Cushions to Futuristic Support Pillows: