Magellan's Travel Seat Cushion is a Vacation for Your Back

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: magellans
To protect your back and to increase your comfort, take a travel seat cushion with you on your next vacation.

For something that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to own and operate, commercial planes sure can be uncomfortable. Multiple hours of sitting in aircraft seats is not only unpleasant and uncomfortable, it is also unhealthy for your spine and your circulation.

Next time you travel, try bringing a travel seat cushion on board with you. The 'GSeat® Light Seat Cushion' from Magellan's provides needed support for your back and buns. The cushion is soft to sit on and is shaped in a way that will take pressure off of your tailbone and spine. It also evenly disperses body weight which helps improve your circulation. It is built to be able to fold in half, thus making it easier to store in your back when you're finally at your destination.