From Futuristic Jet Cabins to App-Powered Airline Services

 - Aug 21, 2015
Business travel aircrafts are diversifying with a myriad of options now available to frequent fliers. Futuristic jet cabins and app-powered airline services are among the innovations popping in this sector that, if executed correctly, has the potential to tap into a lucrative market.

Whether in the form of Hedge Fund Perks or Eco Jumbo Jets, it's evident that air travel services are trying to target corporate globetrotters. As this consumer segment benefits from numerous offerings, deals and loyalty programs, further enticement stemming from airplanes can make an immense difference on travel selections.

Features commonly present in this ever changing sector are preferences for luxury, comfort and exclusivity. Delivering on a combination of all three factors will be especially appealing for employees and entrepreneurs seeking a memorable experience.