Cozy Suite by Thompson Aero Seating Makes Booking Middle Seats Better

 - Apr 17, 2015
References: thompsonaero & skift
Getting stuck in the dreaded middle seat of a long flight is the bane of most people's travel experience, yet the Cozy Suite design could change that entirely. It takes on a staggered arrangement so that no one sits directly next to each other. By doing so, the Cozy Suite ensures a level of comfort and privacy currently only available to those who pay for business class and higher.

Created by Thompson Aero Seating, an independent manufacturer based in Northern Ireland, the Cozy Suite is also practical in terms of business as well. Airlines who opt for this system will be able to fit more people onto a flight. Complete with a retracting bottom, the Cozy Suite ensures people can get in and out more conveniently as well.