- Apr 1, 2016
These prank marketing stunts range from hilarious to downright terrifying and promote everything from cars to dating apps. With the rise of experiential marketing and consumers wanting to play more of an active role in the marketing process, prank marketing has become an effective way for brands with a sense of fun to create entertaining and highly shareable content.

The beauty of prank marketing is that it can be executed at any time of the year, although the public may be more forgiving around April Fool's Day. For the first of April this year, Carwow stepped up to promise car deliveries by drone, while Cheapflights tried to dupe fans into thinking it is creating a hipster-only airline.

Outside of April Fool's Day, many brands have been quick to turn major holidays and product launches into an opportunities to set up playful pranks.

From Actual Reality Headsets to Fictional Hipster Airlines: