Jaguar's Car Pranks Reveal the True Power of the F-Type

Whether you are an unwitting participant or a viewer, car pranks never fail to amuse. In order to show off the capability of its F-Type model, Jaguar set up an 'Actual Reality' experience to trump any virtual reality simulator. The experience involved having people get into a real F-Type and strap on a VR headset. Unbeknownst to them, a professional driver got into the seat beside them and when their simulated experience began, they were driven out onto a real course.

Naturally, the participants were blown away by the reality of the experience, but were only informed afterwards that part of it had been a prank.

The stunt is like a more elaborate version of a stunt that North Face recently pulled, which also involved duping people with virtual reality, then launching them into a real-world experience.