From Mall Skydiving Simulators to Free-Rotation VR Pods

 - Apr 14, 2016
Now that some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry are releasing affordable VR headsets, amusement parks around the world are adopting this technology to enhance the kinds of thrilling experiences they can offer. While haunted train rides, outer space excursions and superhero flights could be experienced just by strapping on a headpiece, these simulations are being turned into full-body experiences with ride equipment.

At Six Flags, guests wear wireless headsets on 'New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster' and 'SUPERMAN: The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster,' which feature 360-degree content that's synced with the motions of the roller coaster.

Other noteworthy examples include single-person pods and arcade-type units like the Krush Moveo and Eleetus Motion Simulator Game System that also involve a person's full body in a dynamic 3D storytelling adventure.