This 3D Experience Invites People to Experience Storytelling Via Technology

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: londondesignfestival & psfk
While most of the other exhibits at London Design Week are a little less hands-on and interactive, one artist created an exhibit that provides 3D virtual reality rides called 'Odyssey.' Tino Schaedler's vision was to provide visitors with a unique design experience featuring technology as a medium for storytelling.

The exhibition room features a single turbine that looks a little like a Star Wars pod racer, and that is all. Visitors are ushered in by men in all black and invited to put on a VR headset and mount the turbine after signing a health and safety waiver. While the turbine doesn't move, the vest delivers slight jolts and the visitor is taken on a 90-second flying experience.

Aiming to push the conversation over the potential of virtual art and design, these immersive virtual reality rides play off the popular brand experiences that this designer has helped create with Nike, Redbull and Warner Brothers.