Coop's Coffee Shop Prank Proves That People Love Grocery Store Coffee

In order to prove to the world that it serves great coffee, grocery store chain Coop set up a coffee shop prank. As well as attempting to prove that its coffee is delicious, Coop wanted to remind the public that a good cup of coffee doesn't have to come from a hip cafe with outrageous prices.

The Secret Coffee Shop was set up for a month, drawing in more than 4,000 people who had the chance to cast a vote about the coffee served. The results revealed that 67% of people really liked the coffee, while 32% found it good and 1% did not care for the coffee at all.

After being in operation for 30 days, it was revealed that the Secret Coffee Shop was actually a publicity stunt that simply used branding to elevate Coop's current selection of coffee beans.