- Nov 26, 2014
These office marketing campaigns both celebrate and mock workplace culture. Whether encouraging collaboration within a professional environment or a much-needed break for those who work too hard, these ad examples are nothing short of fun.

While tech brands are likely to feature collaborative and productive workplace marketing, alcohol brands like ABSOLUT Vodka are proving that everyone needs a break from their hectic schedule. Their window washer ad surprises office employees with an invitation to have a drink. The campaign encourages professionals to choose leisure over stress and illustrates that everyone deserves a break when at work.

The same can be said with Outdoor Magazine's Go Outside campaign and an Applebee's diversion doll commercial. Outdoor Magazine's ad depicts an office employee as a caged human and urges individuals to get outside during their work day. On a more humorous note, an Applebee's commercial tells employees to sneak out for a lunch break while keeping an inflatable doll at their work station.

Different uses of office marketing are common among successful brands thanks to its urban appeal. These campaigns often target young professionals and depict workplace environments as one's second home.

These Office Marketing Ideas Celebrate and Mock Workplace Culture: