The Paramount Pictures 'Transformers' Helps Promote Double A Sheets

The minds behind Paramount Pictures 'Transformers' have teamed up with the company Double A to promote both the film and paper sheets that are as smooth as ice. If you are looking for a great sheet of paper and a high-quality commercial, then this is sure to please.

The commercial is a fusion between the intense, immaculate graphics seen in the first 'Transformers' film and an office under apocalyptic attack. When a printer is fed non-Double A paper, panic ensues, and instead of a jam, the machine turns into an angry Transformer ready to attack. With the creative abilities of the Paramount Pictures 'Transformers' team behind this commercial, both Double A and Paramount do an excellent job of promoting two products in one.

Implications - As the proliferation of product placement in movies and television increases, so does the propensity of film studios to work with corporate brands. By attaching a brand name to a certain film, companies can capitalize on that film's fan-base, as well as ingrain itself in the subconscious of the consumer watching the film. This kind of advertising is even more powerful than traditional forms because it is done so subliminally and therefore lasts longer.