The Dare ‘Time to Change' Commercial Sheds Light on Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue and the Dare ‘Time to Change’ commercial brings attention to these concerns with an engaging use of lighthearted humor.

The ad takes place in an office space, and when the standard, "How are you feeling?" question is posed by one of the employees, humor ensues. The co-worker then proceeds to talk to his shoe, climb into a locker, turn to a pile of dust and sing an emotional song to convey his emotional turmoil. The point of the commercial? It’s time to not be afraid to talk about mental health issues. The message is conveyed with conviction and a touch of humor in this classic ad.

Implications - Using humor to gain attention from consumers is a great way to form a long-lasting relationship with consumers. Companies should consider how to use a comedic touch when marketing certain commodities.